Goodbye Tulips

The petals of my last tulip have fallen and it’s time to prepare the garden for summer. I had a couple of varieties of tulip this year, but the one I miss most is this dark purple one.



White Cherry Blossom

Just like spring this year, this drawing is rather late.  It took me a long time to get the details right. It is not perfect, but I am quite happy with it.


Evergreen Ivy

On a cold and gloomy winter day, it is quite refreshing to see green ivy among the brown leaves and twigs.  Although ivy is often considered a nuisance, beauty can always be found in nature.


A Birch at Dusk

When I saw this birch tree I thought it looked a bit eerie.  However, I thought it would be an interesting challenge to draw.  I did a crude drawing last year, kept it for a while and was not sure what to do with it.  When I had another look, I added a background. I think it brings the tree to life and complete the picture.



The background was created using the gradient tool with multiple points.  It depicts the dusk horizon on a clear day in winter.


Cheerful Cherry Leaves

Autumn is leaving soon, but I will always remember the vibrant colours it brings every year. Cherry trees are among those that contribute to the autumn colour spectrum, and here is a close up drawing of the cheerful looking leaves which I really love.


In this drawing, I use the Gaussian Blur effect on the leaves at the back to create a sense of depth.

Delightful Dahlia

Dahlias may not be as popular as roses, but to me they are among the stars of summer.


I have been growing this delightful pink dahlia for three years now, and it has never disappointed me.  As long as I keep dead heading, it continues to flower throughout the summer and into autumn until the first frost.  The leaves then turn brown and die out but if I keep the tuber and plant it again next spring, it will come out and flower again in the summer.