Goodbye Tulips

The petals of my last tulip have fallen and it’s time to prepare the garden for summer. I had a couple of varieties of tulip this year, but the one I miss most is this dark purple one.



Spring Crocus Carpet

The crocuses are back! This means that spring is just around the corner 🙂 The days are getting longer, and the temperature is getting warmer.  For those who love gardening, get ready to be busy 😉


Delightful Dahlia

Dahlias may not be as popular as roses, but to me they are among the stars of summer.


I have been growing this delightful pink dahlia for three years now, and it has never disappointed me.  As long as I keep dead heading, it continues to flower throughout the summer and into autumn until the first frost.  The leaves then turn brown and die out but if I keep the tuber and plant it again next spring, it will come out and flower again in the summer.

Yellow Lily

I bought some lily bulbs and planted them in pots back in March.  I had never grown lilies before so I did not know what to expect.  As I waited anxiously watching them grow, I worried as the stalks grew taller and taller with no sign of flowers. When the first flower eventually came out and fully bloomed, I was so pleased.





I was walking on a beach when I saw this hollyhock. Its solitary existence among the long grass in the sand caught my attention. With its strong purple colour, it seems to shout proudly to me ‘Look at me, I’m here!’.