Peach Dahlia

Summer has officially ended, but dahlias are one of the late summer flowers that keep blooming and make our gardens bright and colourful until late autumn. Although this dahlia is not as bright as most others, the mixture of its subtle and striking colours makes it look exquisite to my eyes.

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White Summer Flower

I was walking past my neighbour’s garden when I saw this flower.  I am not sure what drew my attention to it, somehow it made me feel peaceful. I hope my drawing will make you feel the same.


If you are interested, you can purchase prints and other products of this drawing from Society6, and see some examples of the products available here.

Delightful Dahlia

Dahlias may not be as popular as roses, but to me they are among the stars of summer.


I have been growing this delightful pink dahlia for three years now, and it has never disappointed me.  As long as I keep dead heading, it continues to flower throughout the summer and into autumn until the first frost.  The leaves then turn brown and die out but if I keep the tuber and plant it again next spring, it will come out and flower again in the summer.

Yellow Lily

I bought some lily bulbs and planted them in pots back in March.  I had never grown lilies before so I did not know what to expect.  As I waited anxiously watching them grow, I worried as the stalks grew taller and taller with no sign of flowers. When the first flower eventually came out and fully bloomed, I was so pleased.