Goodbye Tulips

The petals of my last tulip have fallen and it’s time to prepare the garden for summer. I had a couple of varieties of tulip this year, but the one I miss most is this dark purple one.



Spring Crocus Carpet

The crocuses are back! This means that spring is just around the corner ūüôā The days are getting longer, and the temperature is getting warmer. ¬†For those who love gardening, get ready to be busy ūüėČ


Roses are red, violets are…

…blue, according to a poem I heard when¬†I was young. Here it goes:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
But not as sweet as you

Awww… so sweet ūüôā

However, the violets or violas I planted in my back garden are not blue. They are yellowish and purplish.



Well, they come in so many colours.  Just like roses, not all of them are red.  Another name commonly used to refer to the same flowers is pansy. Although there are differences between violets and pansies, they are in the same group of species. And undeniably, they have amazingly striking colours.

A Birch Springs Back to Life

After a couple of months in cold weather, this birch tree showed signs of life.  It is always nice and heartwarming to see fresh green buds appearing on an otherwise bald tree.  I guess this is why springtime is always associated with the hope of a new beginning in life.


Just like my cherry blossom, this drawing was done in two stages.  First, I drew the bare tree and then added on the buds and new leaves.

Here is the detailed drawing of the bud and new leaves,


and a couple of new leaves on a twig.