Among all of the spring blooms, tulips are my favourite.  There are a lot of varieties and colours of tulips, as they have been cultivated for a long time since the 10th century. If you love tulips, you might find the story of our obsession with tulips during the Tulip mania period in the 17th century rather interesting.  



Like all the other flowers, I drew each petal of the tulip flower separately.  For each petal, I use two curves with different colour tones and clipped one of them into the other.  This is to produce the shine effects on the petal.  I also use blurring and gradient tools to blend the two tones together.


For the petal shown above, I first drew the first curve with a darker pink tone in the shape as intended. Then, I drew another another curve with a lighter pink tone, position it on the left half of the first curve, then clipped it into the first curve.  In Affinity Designer, this is achieved by placing the second curve inside the first curve on the Layers panel. As a result, the shape of the first curve is retained, and the part of the second curve that does not overlap with the first curve is clipped away.




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